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Walking Dead

I just heard that "The Walking Dead", was going to be made into a movie. TWD is my favorite comic and I'm geeking out right now.


New House, Old House

Mandi and I decided to sell our house this weekend. We were garage selling this weekend and ended up in a development in Wylie. We were really impressed with the development decided to look at the model homes available. We were really -blown away by the quality and the cost of these homes. The houses are all built green with the highest energy rating available. Now, Mandi and I live in a home built in 1953 (which means our electric is really high). we really do love the home but it needs a lot of updating. We've done a lot to the house already and it's one of the nicer homes in our area. The sad part is that our neighborhood is starting to decline. We had new neighbors move in and they've been a nightmare. We only have a single garage and I've always had to park on the street. This parking on the street has caused damage to my car. When we added the cost of all the things we wanted to do to the home to make it more comfortable, we realized we were never going to get that money back when we sold the home. We've been living with that realization for a while now. The Dave Ramsey program gave us control of our finances, and we realized we could afford a better house that would have all the things we were wanting. We just didn't think new homes were worth the trouble. We found out we were wrong. We looked at 3 different builders and picked out an awesome plan. We are going to sell the house and then build, so well be in an apartment for a while but it's all worth it.b Dave says to never buy a house while your in debt(check), make sure to have a decent down payment(check), and the note should be no more than 25% of your take home pay (check). I think this is going to work out for us. I'll keep you updated.

New Comic!

Finally, after almost a year (11 months to be exact), a brand new Geek Like Me Comic!


This comic was sketched in photoshop and then finished in illustrator. It took me a long time but I think it's funny. Zombie Joe and I have at least 4 or 5 more strips that go with this story, hopefully they will all get made, lol!

Health Care System

The U.S. is divided on the issue of government heath care, or Obamacare. I was reading a friends facebook page and the topic was brought up and I wanted to see the perspective of my LJ friends. Now, I don't consider myself a liberal, even though I'm an atheist. I do believe that the health care system is broken and is in need of repair. I do not however believe that a government run health care system is the answer. I believe that educating yourself on the actual cost on a doctors visit and cutting out the middleman, aka 80-20 health insurance.

Here are some facts.

1.) 15.9% of Americans are not insured
2.) 13% of Americans are on Medicaid
3.) 59.5% of Americans have employer sponsored heath care
4.) 9.1% of Americans buy their own heath insurance
5.) 13.7% of Americans are on Medicare
6.) 3.8 of Americans use Military health care

The percentages don't add up correctly due to the fact some people have more than one type of coverage.

Now, those numbers only count for American citizens. This does not count the problem with illegal immigrants. Living in Texas, this a a bigger problem then some people might realize. The public hospital, Parkland Memorial (Where JFK was pronounced dead) put out figures that 70% of the newborn births were from illegal immigrants. I love how people are talking about how our government can't afford to pay for our health care, yet we paid $96,864,943 in 2005 for undocumented immigrants in Texas, alone. Do you see now why government is inept. I love how people think the government is able to shield vast conspiracies, yet they can't keep our boarders secure or come up with a better plan that enable immigrants to work legally .

Now, I was raised an army brat. I had military health care for most of my childhood. I remember doctors and pharmacist telling me how lucky I was to have it because in the private sector all these procedures were very costly. I totally believed this until I caught mono in junior high. It took weekly doctor visits for 6 weeks, this included massive amounts of blood being drawn. The end result was they thought I might have mono but they weren't sure. Meanwhile I was going to school everyday infecting all the other students. Seems that there was a large outbreak of mono at my school that year and even though I told my doctor this, he still wasn't sure what this mystery illness was. In the end they said I guess it's mono because I got better after 6 weeks. Once again, the government is inept.

I know most people actually think that private companies are actually better, they may be but they don't care about the consumer. They care about making a profit. I wonder what would happen if we made it so these companies had to become non profit. I'd rather a company be regulated than completely owned by the government. I wonder if we might get better rates.In addition, why are we a country of sue happy buggers? Doctors malpractice insurance is crazy expensive! This is caused by frivolous claims and sue happy lawyers. If the government would take some of the risk away from the doctors, I'm sure we would see a drop in cost to see the doctor. Yet, I haven't heard anything about this in any of the government health care proposals.

In conclusion, you may wonder what do I do for health insurance? Well, for years I just paid to see the doctor. I found out if you pay cash, it's usually half of what they charge the insurance company. What if something horrible happened? I worried about that for a long time and then I realized that if I took some of the risk off of the insurance company, I got an affordable form of health insurance. I have a high detectable heath insurance policy with a Heath Savings Account (or HSA) attached. I have a $5000 deductible and then I'm covered 100%. I take the money I save from paying less for the high deductible insurance and put it into my HSA. A HSA, is an account I can use only for medical expenses (kinda like a flex account but better). I can put in $5900 a year (the amount usually goes up every year) and deduct this amount from my income at the end of the year for tax purposes. I still pay cash for doctor visits and save money, yet if something horrible comes along I'm prepared. The best part is I will only have to pay $5000 for a major emergency if it does happen. I've learned to shop around and be aware of what stuff cost and I get to decide if I really need a test of a certain type of prescription. I am free to make my own choice! What is more American then that?


GLM Contest!

Interview and Contest on Geek Like Me
Head on over to Geek Like Me and you will find the first interview in the Picking Your Brain series where I interview local author Alex Bledsoe. You will also find the information on our first contest in that interview where we will be giving away two signed copies of Alex's first book. Contest ends July 19th, so pop over soon.

What is a geek?

I found this article http://geekgirldiva.entertainmentearth.com/2009/06/5-tips-on-proper-geek-male-maintenance.html on Digg and I thought it was interesting. The main thing that stuck out for me was the definition of what a geek is...

"For reference, let's define what "geek" means, and for that we call upon the words of a college professor: Being a geek means possessing and being passionate about knowledge that no one cares about or considers.

No one.

So, you can see that the geek male is largely ignored throughout his natural life, even amongst his own people. There is hope because being male, geek males understand the logic of an argument even if the rest of the natural world believes the argument to be nonsense."

I found this definition to be the most accurate description of myself, as well as many of my friends, LOL!

Happy Anniversary!

It's me and Mandi's 13th wedding anniversary,YAY! We went out and ate sushi, now I'm a fat and happy husband.

Firefly Illustrator

Here is a picture of Capt. Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. I been trying to figure out how illustrator works and decided Mal would be a fun thin to try out.

I Got the Job!

I got the awesome job!

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